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TWD $1,180

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Product details


The inner side features a synthetic rubber lining, easy to adjust for tightness, providing a certain level of friction to keep equipment stable and prevent shaking.

This belt, approximately 0.6 cm thick, becomes a more comfortable and secure padded belt when attached to the duty belt with a Velcro inner side. Users no longer need to fasten an inner belt separately, allowing for a stable and quick integration with personal clothing or gear.


Product Specifications:

Size S: 58.4 cm

Size M: 68.5 cm

Size L: 78.7 cm

Size XL: 88.9 cm

Size 2XL: 99 cm

*Please measure your size accurately when choosing a belt, and do not rely on your pants size.


Friendly Reminders:

Some products are available for pre-order, please inquire about stock availability before placing an order.

All orders must be "[Payment Confirmed]" to be considered successful, whether for in-person pickup or shipping.

International orders are subject to factory inventory and logistics schedules, with the "[Actual Arrival Time]" depending on the store's response.

For any inquiries about the products, feel free to contact customer service.


*Warranty conditions for HSGI products provided by OTT:

1. Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects during production, such as structural errors, stitching issues, material defects, etc. It does not cover damages caused by "user misuse" or normal wear and tear from regular use.
In other words, warranty is not provided for "user-caused damages."

2. OTT Gear is the exclusive distributor of HSGI in Taiwan, and the warranty is only provided to the original buyer from OTT Gear.
HSGI products obtained from other sources will not be covered by warranty from OTT Gear.

3. As the general agent for HSGI, OTT has the authority to assess and handle damaged equipment on behalf of the original manufacturer, reserving the right to make the final interpretation.


TWD $1,180


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Special Offer

Each item   1   quantity limit